Frequently asked questions


What are the carats of D’orica products?

Our items are available in the following carats: 8k / 9k / 10k / 14k / 18k / 21k / 22k.

Which and how many types of incisions are there in D’orica’s jewelry?

Over the years, we have continually updated the types of engravings on the small gold beads which characterize all D’orica models. Recently we have focused the entire production exclusively on three types of incisions. The one we consider most effective and use most frequently is called slash cut and it’s implemented in all the new 2014 models.

Why doesn’t D’orica manufactures products with the so called “moon cut” engraving?

Because this type of incision is used by most of our competitors and we want to offer something different and unique to our customers.

What are the available sizes of the small beads of D’orica jewelry ?

The beads are made in the following sizes (referring to the diameter): 2,00 / 2,30 / 2,60 / 3,00 / 4,00 / 5,00 mm.

Why doesn’t D’orica make beads with a diameter greater than 5,00 mm?

We only create beads with a diameter between 2 and 5 mm because only with these measures it is possible to achieve the aesthetically and qualitatively excellent collections designed and manufactured by our company. Over the years, we have developed and refined our manufacturing techniques and technologies based on certain formats. This particular production process can give excellent results only when creating beads of certain sizes and characteristics.

Why doesn’t D’orica produce its collections in silver?

Because our company has structured methodologies, processes and production stages developed for the creation of gold objects. To start a regular production of silver would mean to make significant changes to all procedures. Furthermore, many of D’orica’s products aren’t suited to be manufactured in silver due to their structure and composition: what can be done in gold cannot always be realized in silver too.

Why doesn’t D’orica produce articles with gemstones or semi-gemstones, or diamonds?

In the first years of our activity we had proposed a number of collections in gold enriched with gemstones. But later, having developed a more advanced and cutting edge creativity and craftsmanship, we decided to focus solely on the production of gold jewelry. This decision is also consistent with our strategic ambition of increasing our autonomy from semi-finished products supplied outside the company.