It is not just technology that creates novelty, a jewel becomes extraordinary in itself if it carries a different trait in its line and in its composition. For this reason, D’orica’s research activity mainly focuses on innovation in the product’s design, a process that we constantly carry out day after day. In recent years, Daniela Raccanello has been experimenting with new compositional techniques and innovative geometries in collaboration with our designers and craftsmen.

D’orica’s jewels have a unique structure, which is formed by a golden sphere semifinished base, interlaced in single or multiple chains. The chains of spheres are then interwoven into grid-patterned modular structures which give the composition a rich, light and elegant look. The variety of D’orica’s models is provided by the extreme versatility of criss-cross design structures and by the creativity in the weave mesh.

Sirio is one of the most common weave mesh systems used in D’orica creations



The Sirio patent, filed in November 2001 (EP 1168939 B1), describes in detail the original crafting technique required to obtain the basic structures. The name indicates both the process and the typology of the resulting structure.

The process involves a system of orthogonal coupling and weaving which results in the connection of the different chains either at their ends or in the central part. The techniques used in the jewelry design in D’orica are varied. For this reason, the collections are always rich and different, even in the modularity and consistency of their structures.

Recently, our artisans have developed a new processing method that was patented (patent application 102018000003139 of 28/02/2018) and immediately applied to the creation of the Gaia (2018) and Maia (2019) collections.

Moreover, thanks to the brand-new patent from D’orica and Ompar, it is now possible to catch residual dust from diamond cutters without expending any energy. The metal swarf collector in molecular format patented by D’orica (Industrial invention patent application no. 102016000059711) can be inserted in the diamond cutting machines, devices that give the semifinished product brightness and brilliance will wear away layers of valuable material producing a residual waste in the form of powder.


D’orica production is aimed at obtaining outstanding quality. Great attention is paid to both the rigour and the transparency of the processes, as well as to the design and originality of the products. Our goal is not only to be recognised and appreciated for the quality of the final product; we also want to ensure that our customers are satisfied at all stages of the purchase process.

This is why in recent years we have been working hard to follow the guidelines prescribed by the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certificate System, and to obtain the “100% Made in Italy” and the Supply Chain Traceability certifications. These certifications are both needed to attest the Italian origin and to guarantee transparency in the entire production process.

Our interest in quality and authenticity derives from a set of ethical reasons that have always been at the heart of the company’s motivations, and is aimed at meeting the requirements of a globalised and complex international market, where it is increasingly difficult to find guaranteed products.


The 100% Made in Italy certification

Released by ITPI, Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers, it guarantees the quality of Italian production and specifies the requirements needed to adopt the “100% Made in Italy” label. These are: to display the entire manufacture process within Italian territory or using semi-finished Italian products; to employ quality natural and high-grade materials, adopting traditional Italian craftsmanship; to use exclusive and unique models.

The system “IT01 – 100% Italian Quality” is the only one that guarantees the true authenticity of the product, making the real Made in Italy recognisable in comparison to labels that only employ partially Italian or totally foreign production systems.

D’Orica received official recognition in 2011 and has since then enrolled in the National Register of Italian Made in Italy Manufacturers

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TF (Traceability & Fashion)

Traceability & Fashion is the production chain traceability system, promoted by the Italian Chambers of Commerce, in order to launch and enhance Made in Italy products in the field of fashion and jewelry.

Traceability & Fashion is a voluntary certification necessary to guarantee to consumers a maximum transparency in regards to working places in the entire production process as well as the characteristics of the product in terms of health, environmental sustainability, corporate social responsibility.

With the certificate number – AGR0048A code – all D’orica creations can be traced back to the production chain. Each product has its own history and we make great effort to give our customers the ability to choose consciously.

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