Our company was established in 1989 in a niche of Vicenza’s gold- and silver-working district. We have decided to carry out all the stages of the production process here to keep in daily contact with those who help us make our jewellery so special.

From casting to packaging, we follow every stage of the creative process. All processes are carried out either in-house or in trusted laboratories across the territory, who can ensure the in-depth knowledge of every step, care for every detail, and professionals who can create top-quality products.

Each jewel is the result of a long process made of analyses, research, experimentation, and a good dose of craftsmanship associated with the use of sophisticated and accurate machines like no other in the world. We work with needle and gold thread to ensure tailor-made creations. That’s why we like to call ourselves “gold-working tailors”.

In an ever-evolving market like ours, our mission is expressed in the choice of becoming a point of reference for our sector.

This is why we have undertaken this road to differentiation and experimentation, which finds its essence in the continuous evolution of our offering and adoption of new solutions in terms of style and technology.

We think outside the box, going beyond the gold-working world and opening up to different sectors. One perfect example is our project to develop an all-Italian silk supply chain.

We strive to provide top-quality products and services, focusing on people’s needs, respecting the environment, and taking care of the resources, reducing consumption and waste. All this, together with our training and knowledge-sharing initiatives are the fundamental values of our philosophy. Each of our jewels expresses the authenticity of an ethical vision based on respect and responsibility, sustainability, and a transparent production process.


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